WINNER Has An Emotional Farewell With The Kids Of “Half-Moon Friends”

On the July 9 episode of JTBC’s “Half-Moon Friends,” the members of WINNER bid farewell to their students.

Towards the end of their camping trip with the children, the members of WINNER are shown a video message from the kids.

Seoyeon says the most fun he had was learning how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Jiwoo shares that he enjoyed going to the sauna the most.

The children also share what they are grateful to the members of WINNER for as well as what they feel sorry for. Let’s just say it’s a very special moment for all of the members as they struggle to hold back the tears.

Member Kim Jin Woo, who especially struggles to hold back the tears, shares, “I really hate farewells. I don’t know. We were together every day. And I hate the word ‘final.'”

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