Baek A Yeon Shows Her Love For Younha Backstage At Concert

Singers Baek A Yeon and Younha have shown off their friendship in a cute selfie!

On July 9, Baek A Yeon took to Instagram to share a photo of herself smiling happily with songstress Younha. She shares that she went to Younha’s concert on that night, and thanks Younha for the invite.

“Keep it up for your final concert tomorrow! I love you,” adds Baek A Yeon.

Baek A Yeon and Younha previously alternated the titular role in the musical “Cinderella” last fall.

Younha is currently holding summer concerts on July 9 and 10 in a small venue in Seoul. Meanwhile, Baek A Yeon most recently released the track “So So” in May.

You can follow Baek A Yeon and Younha on Instagram here: @ayeoniiiiii and @younha_holic.