Betrayer Becomes Betrayed In Latest Episode Of “We Got Married”

On the July 9 episode of MBC’s “We Got Married,” FIESTAR’s Cao Lu and Yezi continued their double date with Jo Se Ho and Nam Chang Hee.

In order to help Yezi and Nam Chang Hee get closer, Cao Lu and Jo Se Ho decide to pull a hidden camera prank on the two of them at a restaurant.

We Got Married

As part of the prank, Cao Lu tries to order spicy stew. Jo Se Ho then pretends to get annoyed with her because he had already ordered something else, which makes Cao Lu upset.

However, Yezi is seen fighting to hide a smile and she shows Nam Chang Hee a message on her phone where she had written, “It’s obvious that this is a prank.”

When Nam Chang Hee and Yezi confront Jo Se Ho with the truth, the three of them decide to prank Cao Lu instead. Nam Chang Hee mocks Jo Se Ho for his terrible acting and Jo Se Ho pretends to get angry and the two of them end up storming out, much to Cao Lu’s shock.


When the full truth comes out, Cao Lu says in an interview, “I felt betrayed.”

Watch the full episode below:

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