Complete “Three Meals A Day” Cast Finally Together For Filming Of New Season

tvN variety show “Three Meals a Day” began filming its new season in Gochang Village with actors Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jin, Son Ho Jun, and Nam Joo Hyuk on the morning of July 10.

This shooting schedule is set to continue for two nights and three days.

Cha Seung Won, Son Ho Jun, and Nam Joo Hyuk started filming beforehand, but after Yoo Hae Jin’s belated confirmation as a cast member, fans are excited to see him join the season’s second round of filming overall and first with its full ensemble in attendance.

Yoo Hae Jin was received warmly after adjusting his schedule and rushing all the way from Ulsan, where he was shooting a movie, to Gochang Village for “Three Meals a Day.”

The farming begins during the July 10 filming, with this season set to feature the four actors taking on the challenge of planting rice in paddy fields.

yoo hae jin son ho joon cha seung won nam joo hyuk

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