Watch: Seo Jun Is A Master At Convincing His Uncles To Give Him Money

Seo Jun knows how to have his way on KBS2’s “The Return of Superman.”

On the July 10 episode of the variety program, Lee Hwi Jae‘s family go about their daily activities.

During the show, Seo Eon and Seo Jun are asked by their father to run a quick errand to the grocery. Seo Eon is tasked to buy lettuce and meat, while Seo Jun is in charge of paper cups.

The twins almost fall for the temptation of ice cream, but they manage to shake it off and successfully finish their errand, though not without making a couple mistakes.

seo jun seo eon

When checking out, Seo Jun is stopped by the cashier after he only hands over the paper cups to be scanned and nearly exits the supermarket with the rest of the groceries in tow.

The brothers are charged 30,000 won (approximately $26) for their items, so they search through each other’s wallets only to find out they are short on cash.

Realizing this, Seo Jun pauses and turns to his cameraman uncle. Gazing at him, he asks, “Please lend me money.” The cameraman replies, “If I lend you money, will you pay me back?” Unable to refuse either way, he hands Seo Jun his cash.

Watch the adorable twins run their errand below, as well as the rest of the episode!

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