Teen Top Reveals Details About 6th Anniversary Fan Song Project

Teen Top has revealed the next project they have in store for their sixth anniversary!

During their Naver V App broadcast, which took place in the evening of July 10, Teen Top satisfied fan curiosity surrounding their third anniversary project.

“We have sung fan songs for our Angels in the past, but with the ‘Angel Song Project,’ we plan on personally writing and composing [fan] songs ourselves to express our thankful hearts on our sixth anniversary,” L.Joe explains.

C.A.P adds, “The fan songs will be revealed at Teen Top’s upcoming fifth fan meeting.”

The “Angel Song Project” is slated to consist of two fan songs. During the broadcast, the members play a game to divide themselves up into two teams. The first team, composed of C.A.P, Ricky, and L.Joe will be writing a hip hop song, and the second team, composed of Changjo, Niel, and Chunji, will do a ballad.

Teen Top debuted in July 9 of 2010 and is celebrating their sixth anniversary with a series of projects. They kicked off the celebrations by sharing the previously unreleased music video for “Love Comes,” a track they almost debuted with.

Are you looking forward to the “Angel Song Project”?

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