I.O.I’s Yoo Yeonjung To Join Cosmic Girls As 13th Member

I.O.I’s Yoo Yeonjung will be joining the girl group Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

On July 11, Starship Entertainment, Yoo Yeonjung’s agency, said, “I.O.I’s Yoo Yeonjung will be joining Cosmic Girls, the girl group co-produced by Starship and Yuehwa Entertainment. After much deliberation, and in consideration of Yoo Yeonjung’s synergy with Cosmic Girls, we decided to restructure Cosmic Girls as a 13-member group.”

The agency said that Cosmic Girls and Yoo Yeonjung were originally intended to debut in a single girl group, and both supported each other even when that didn’t happen. “It was a difficult decision to make as an agency, and the solid trust between Yoo Yeonjung and Cosmic Girls was a big factor in the decision. We hope you will give the group strength and encouragement.”

Yoo Yeonjung will still be carrying out I.O.I activities to the end.

Cosmic Girls:

wjsn cosmic girls

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