10 K-Pop MVs That Will Make You Want To Travel The World

Most K-Pop MVs are filmed (naturally) in Korea, but there are times when Seoul and Jeju just won’t cut it. Sometimes, you’ve got a single on your hands that calls for tropical white sand beaches, the colorful lights of Vegas, or the stately appeal of Big Ben. Filming a K-Pop MV overseas is expensive, but the additional cost is worth it just to get those exotic locations – and also to acknowledge your appreciation for the overseas fans who have helped make K-Pop the international sensation it is today.

For the purposes of this list, we are limiting our choices to those where we feel the location played a major role in the video – if the setting is indistinguishable from other locations, then we will not include it here.

New Zealand – Taeyeon’s “I”

In the first moments of “I,” Taeyeon’s searing vocals unfurl against a brilliantly rendered landscape of bright sky and green grass. The song and video are a journey of self-discovery, and from morning to sunset, New Zealand’s gorgeous countryside makes the perfect backdrop.

Stockholm, Sweden – VIXX’s “Only U”

It’s time for the Scandinavian countries to receive some K-pop love! The only thing prettier than the cobblestone streets and classical architecture is the sight of VIXX, suited up for the cool Swedish weather in blazers and sweaters.

Hawaii – SISTAR’s “Loving U”

Generic beach settings are a dime a dozen in K-pop MVs, but “Loving U” takes us on an unmistakably Hawaiian excursion. SISTAR allows us to share in their all-American Oahu road trip, filled with beach fun, roller-skating, and checking out the local surfer boys. It’s like vacation goals, friendship goals, and body goals all rolled into one.

Hong Kong – Teen Top’s “I Wanna Love”

From the double-decker trams to the ferry, from the harbor views to the streets, “I Wanna Love” takes us on a whirlwind trip through Hong Kong. Expect some random moments, such as a serious binge-fest of canned pineapples.

Las Vegas – B.A.P’s “Hurricane” and BIGBANG’s “Tonight” (Tie)

Both MVs showcased similar sides of Las Vegas – high-octane lights, brilliant desert landscapes, and of course, the high-roller cars and penthouse suites suitable for the likes of BIGBANG and B.A.P. In the end, it really comes down to which song you like best.

Southern California – Jessica’s “Fly”

A California girl by origin, Jessica takes us back to her home state for her debut. The uplifting “Fly” gives us a bohemian take on the California desert, with an eclectic Southwestern-style house and a brightly painted adobe mountain.

Runners-up: 2NE1’s “Happy,” Taeyeon’s “Why,” and Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake”

New York City – BEAST’s “Beautiful Night”

“Beautiful Night” lives up to its title, giving us a colorful night out on the town, complete with pretty people and fireworks.

Runners-up: BIGBANG’s “Bad Boy” and “Blue”

Okinawa, Japan – Lovelyz’ “For You”

Lovelyz escapes the harsh Korean winter and heads for the mild beaches of Okinawa. The purity of the landscapes makes a great backdrop for their outstanding vocals.

London – Super Junior D&E’s “Still You”

Here’s some EunHae love for you! Of all the K-Pop MVs that have been filmed in London, we think Donghae and Eunhyuk’s duet provided the most tourist-friendly version. The video does a split-screen to follow both guys as they go about their separate journeys through beautiful London, until the happy end where they run into each other.

Runners-up: CNBLUE’s “I’m Sorry,” G-Dragon’s “Crooked”

Which MVs make you want to travel? Feel free to voice your opinions below!

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