Kim Heechul And Kim Jungmo Drop Highlight Medley For Second Mini “Goody Bag”

Kim Heechul and Kim Jungmo (M&D) are coming back with their second mini album “Goody Bag,” which features the title track “Ulsanbawi,” a trot song.

On July 11, the duo dropped a highlight medley for their album scheduled for midnight release on July 12, which contains a mix of trot rock and softer rock ballads.

Listen to the highlight medley below:

Previously, on July 7, Kim Jung Mo said to Ilgan Sports, “From the beginning, we didn’t want to limit ourselves by genre, and instead do all music within our abilities.” He continued, explaining how they came to write “Ulsanbawi”: “We released songs of various genres through our first album, and we didn’t want any genres to overlap [with the first album] in our second, so we ended up doing trot.”

Watch the music video teaser here.

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