9 Ways You Felt Like You Hit The Jackpot With “Lucky Romance”

Popular webtoon-based MBC drama “Lucky Romance” has ended but we just can’t let it go without reminiscing over some of its best moments. “Reply 1988” heartthrob Ryu Jun Yeol joins rom-com queen Hwang Jung Eum for an adorkable romance that keeps the feels and the laughs coming. Soompiers, please join us in indulging in our favorite “Lucky Romance” moments to help us cope with the end of the drama. Don’t forget that Viki is there to help you indulge again and assuage your drama woes!

Funny hallucination moments


Episode 1 graces us with our first funny hallucination. Leading lady Shim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is told by her trusty shaman that she needs to spend the night with a man born the year of the tiger. When she discovers that genius Je Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) is a 1986 tiger, her liquor-fueled imagination drums up a roaring tiger of a man.


Soo Ho does some hallucinating of his own in episode 3 after a drunk Bo Nui plants a hearty kiss on his lips. How is a programmer supposed to get back to work when his game characters keep jumping out to kiss him?

Moments of visual mental gymnastics


Soo Ho is a genius — an awkward, no nonsense genius. He thinks in straight lines with no fluff. Creators of “Lucky Romance” show his skills by using clever graphics that are cute and, at the same time, entirely representative of our nerdy hero.

Bromantic moments


What are bromantics? When you combine “bromance” and “antics” of course! There is absolutely no way that Soo Ho will let his new love Bo Nui model with Gary (Lee Soo Hyuk), so he takes on the role in the most fabulous of ways. What is born is a match made in heaven.

Sweet moments


Soo Ho and Bo Nui are a solid couple because they see each other clearly. He loves her unconditionally and wants her to love herself in the same way. She sees him as much more than just a genius — he is a kind man who thinks of others and does right by them. That caring manifests in the sweetest onscreen moments.

Giggly moments


What do you get when two socially inept people fall in love and start dating? The cutest, most endearingly awkward interactions full of giggles and not-so-subtle flirting.

Second lead syndrome moments


Lee Chung Ah as Amy and Lee Soo Hyuk as Gary are beautiful seconds who refuse to take “no” for an answer. As a result, we get a lot of first and second lead pairings and a whole lot of emotional impact and feels.

“Spazzing in the name of love” moments


Sometimes when in love, one may find that gross motor control fails and an increase of tripping, babbling, falling, spontaneous smiling, and crashing into objects and people occurs. Soo Ho, while a genius in math and programming, is a novice in love; this very beautiful man most definitely spazzes in the name of love.

“Never too much romance” moments


In case the loves of first and second leads didn’t satisfy you, there is plenty to go around with Ryang Ha and Dal Nim. They are in complete denial of their feelings which make them even more endearing. Also, rather than flat characters, they are true supporters of their main lead friends, which rounds them out quite nicely and makes them much more fun to cheer for.

Parting and Reuniting moments


Our main couple has been through a lot. Getting together was rough. Staying together was bliss. A being wrenched apart was torture. When they finally get back together, we rejoice with them in the very same spot in which they first parted. Oh how sweet it is!

What were your favorite “Lucky Romance” moments, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!


If you haven’t watched “Lucky Romance” already, start watching here!

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