Song Joong Ki Prepares To Get Buff For Upcoming Film

On July 11, famous personal fitness trainer Danny Joe uploaded a photo of himself and Song Joong Ki on his Instagram account.

Along with the photo he writes, “I was fortunate enough to train the one of the biggest star in Asia, Song Joong Ki. I am a living proof that when you do good things for other, it will ALWAYS come back to you. Be KIND, work HARD and AMAZING things will happen.”

He further explains in Korean that he was able to train with the actor for two weeks and reiterates his statement about getting repaid for working hard and doing good things.

It appears as though Song Joong Ki was getting training for his role in the film “Battleship Island” (tentative title). His future plans include filming a commercial on July 12 and attending a promotional event on July 14. Following these activities, he will begin filming for the new movie.

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