Lee Hi Praises Her Girl Crush Rihanna

On July 12, artist Lee Hi hosted a Naver V App live broadcast entitled “HI TV.”

During the stream, she shares one of Rihanna’s songs with her viewers. She reveals that she is a Rihanna fan and only has praises for her girl crush, “One of the reasons I like her is because she dresses so well.”

Lee Hi Rihanna

“And not just clothes, she has a lot of hit songs as well,” Lee Hi continues. “She has these deep eyes that have a slight green glint to them. I’m a huge fan.”

Lee Hi Rihanna 3

“I envy everything about her,” she continues. “Whatever she releases becomes a hit.” Moreover, “I fall in love with her title track, and when I listen to the other tracks in her album after listening to the title track, I fall in love with the other tracks even more,” Lee Hi says.

Who else thinks they would sound good in a duet together?

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