“The Return of Superman” To Be Re-Made In America

“The Return of Superman” will be re-made into an American TV show!

The American production team has already confirmed and has started pre-production. The show in the States will be called “Breaking Dad” and will be led by CSSPR (Chicken Soup for the Soul Production, LLC) production team. The filming will begin in mid-July in New York and Connecticut.

“Breaking Dad” is scheduled for broadcast in November through Discovery Life, TLC, and Family.

Producing director Kang Bong Kyu of “The Return of Superman” will head to New York today, July 13, and stay there for about 10 days to give tips on production.

This will be the first time that a Korean show is remade and broadcast in the States. Many hope that the influence of Korean variety shows will be able to branch out even more globally through this opportunity.

Catch up to the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” below!

What are your thoughts on this remake?

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