Stephanie Is Injury-Free After Car Accident

While it was previously reported that singer Stephanie had gotten into a car accident with a drunk driver, she thankfully has no injuries.

On July 12, her agency Mafia Record released an official statement, saying, “Her check-up results came back normal. She is strongly insisting that she completes all the events on her schedule herself.”

The agency continued, “She will complete what is on her schedule as of now, but we will cancel all events and make her rest if anything is wrong.”

Stephanie let her fans know that she is okay by posting a photo on her Instagram, sayin, “I’m okay! Please don’t worry.”

She also commented, “I think I made a lot of people worry due to the accident yesterday. I’m sorry. I’m fine~ I will receive medical treatment if I need to and take good care of myself! Let’s always be careful!!”

Meanwhile, it was reported yesterday that the vehicle that Stephanie was in was hit by a drunk driver as she was waiting to appear on “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio.” She was sent to the hospital right after the radio recording.

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