DAY6’s Jae Gets Teased For His Physique On “Cool Kiz On The Block”

On the recent episode of “Cool Kiz on the Block” on July 12, DAY6’s Jae appeared on the show and was teased by the other members for his physique!

This episode is focused on badminton. For the opening of the show, the regular members greet each other happily, running into Kang Ho Dong’s arms for hugs. Then they notice that a new guest, DAY6’s Jae, has come on the show.

When asked to introduce himself, Jae says, “Hello, I’m Jae from JYP’s rookie band DAY6.”

DAY6 Jae Cool Kiz on the Block2

Since Jae is the skinniest out of everyone on the show, Lee Soo Geun jokes, “You don’t look like the type to exercise.”

DAY6 Jae Cool Kiz on the Block3

Kang Ho Dong plays along, saying, “You’re barely standing up,” and laughs.

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