20 Times “Doctors” Made Our Hearts Flutter

It didn’t take long for us to fall in love with everything about “Doctors.” It pretty much captured our hearts from the get-go, and it’s managed to maintain its charm from beginning to end.

I’ve actually never been one to like doctor-based dramas, especially the gory blood and operation scenes, but the emotional side stories and strong main characters have made me fall totally head over heels for this one. This whole drama, quite simply, gives me the feels. And although it’s hard to narrow down the billions of moments that made my heart flutter, I’m going to try my best to pick just 20 (in no particular order).

(Word of caution: If you haven’t already guessed, this list is full of spoilers!)

1. “Let’s date” (the first time).

The first time Hong Ji Hong asks Yoo Hye Jung to date, which is also the first time he meets her, made me so excited. Did you see the fireworks? I could anticipate the epic romantic story already!

2. When Hong Ji Hong gets Yoo Hye Jung a bicycle.

SO sweet. SO cute. He’s SO smitten.

3. The first time we meet Ji Soo’s character, Kim Soo Chul.

No. Words. Are. Needed.

4. “What’s your blood type?”

This is probably the first interaction that Yoo Hye Jung and Hong Ji Hong have where you really see the chemistry. Even the sunlight in the background adds to their destined path together.

5. “She’s mine.”

Let’s just take a second to imagine him saying this to all us Ji Soo fans, ok?

6. When Hong Ji Hong runs after Yoo Hye Jung.

This part was so heart-breaking. I could really feel Yoo Hye Jung’s brokenness in this scene. How excited did you get when he started running after her?

7. When Kim Min Suk runs after Yoo Hye Jung.

Ok, everyone seems to be running after Hye Jung in this drama. Isn’t Kim Min Suk so adorable following her around like a lovesick puppy? His goofy smile and presence are so perfect for the drama!

8. Hot guy at school alert.

I’d gladly go to school everyday if I knew Ji Soo was going to pick me up looking like this.

9. THE reunion.

I had to contain myself when I realized Yoo Hye Jung and Hong Ji Hong were going to finally be reunited. This scene exceeded my expectations. How perfect were these lines?!

10. In-Joo realizing Hong Ji Hong’s true love.

When we find out Hong Ji Hong has been in love with Yoo Hye Jung the entire time they’ve been apart.

And my heart exploded.

11. The boxing rink scene.

We all knew that they were going to get up close and personal in this scene, but it still didn’t stop me from rooting for a kiss. I could faintly hear “Kiss The Girl” from “The Little Mermaid” in the background.

12. Second lead syndrome.

Nothing gets me more excited than a good love triangle, so I obviously love the Jung Yoon Do (Yoon Gyun Sang) falling for Yoo Hye Jung aspect of the plot. Look at him cringe in embarrassment – adorable! (Side note: If you don’t love him enough already, watch him in “Running Man” here. He’s such a sweetheart!)

13. “Let’s date” (the second time).

Please, stop. And by stop I mean keep going! How natural is Kim Rae Won’s acting?!

14. The return of Ji Soo as the delivery man.

Enough said.

15. More second lead syndrome.

Any takers for our second lead?

16. The rain kiss scene.

What’s an emotionally endearing drama without a rain scene, right? The music, the random phone booth, the dancing, the laughing – it was all perfect.

17. The other reunion.

Look at how happy they are.

18. Sharing music.

This scene is relationship goals. Period.

THE sweetest.

19. The other kiss scene.

Look at how nervous Hong Ji Hong looks at the beginning of the clip.

20. “I love you.”

After the emotional scenes with Lee Sang Yeob, it felt emotionally fitting to see Hong Ji Hong declaring his love to Hye Jung. Doesn’t the OST add to the feels?

Watch Episode 17 below:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1104229v-doctors-episode-17

Which male character made your heart flutter and what is your favorite moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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