“Boys24” To Bring Back Eliminated Contestants

Mnet’s newest survival program “Boys24” will be bringing back some of the eliminated contestants in a special round!

According to a source in the music industry, “Boys24” held its third unit competition on July 11. On this day, previously eliminated contestants were given a new opportunity in a plot twist that surprised both the trainees and the audience.

It is reported that the production staff chose the eliminated trainees with comparatively high popularity to return in the special round. The first round of unit competitions on July 8 eliminated all six members of Unit Purple, to the regret of many viewers. It is speculated that some members of Unit Purple may return in this special round after many netizens’ passionate demands on their behalf.

On July 12, a source from “Boys24” stated, “We have to be careful with the content of unaired episodes. To confirm any news about a special round, please tune in to the broadcast.”

The special round is expected to air on July 23. “Boys24” airs every Saturday at 11:30 p.m. KST.

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