Taiwanese Actor Darren Wang Will Do Any Project Involving Park Shin Hye

Taiwanese actor Darren Wang (also known as Wang Da Lu) recently expressed interest in the world of Korean dramas – and one actress in particular.

On July 13, Darren Wang held a fan meeting in Seoul at Ewha Womans University. At the press conference for the event, the actor declared that he was still a fan of Shin Ramyun and actor Won Bin.

“My fans sent me very spicy ramyun in a black package but it was too hot,” he said, referring to the brand Shin Ramyun Black.

When asked about the possibility of future Korean projects, he said, “I don’t know if any Korean people have seen my productions, but I’m very interested in appearing in Korean dramas. I think Korean productions do a good job of presenting the perfect texture of a drama.”

He added, “I want to work with Park Shin Hye. Also with Won Bin. If I could act with Park Shin Hye, I would play any role. I want to play brothers with Won Bin. It would be nice if we were both killers too.”

The fan meeting was held in honor of the Korean release of his film “Our Times.”

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