Watch: BEAST Grabs 1st Win For “Ribbon” On “Show Champion,” Performances By GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, And More

BEAST is celebrating their first win for their track “Ribbon”!

On July 13’s episode of “Show Champion,” BEAST was up against some serious summer comeback competition: SISTAR, Wonder Girls, Taeyeon, and SEVENTEEN.

When they take the win, Yoseob first thanks the staff at their agency. He then goes on to say, “I sincerely thank our members, who had such a hard time but endured it together as we worked to put out this album, and our fans B2uty, who gave us strength during that hard time. I want to make great memories with all our fans until the end of our promotions! I hope you’ll keep cheering us on. And thank you to all of our parents, we love and respect you.”

The guys also say that they hope that their agency president Hong Seung Sung will recover soon from his illness.

Watch their performances and win below!

Other performances this week were by SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, NCT 127, MADTOWN, gugudan, Romeo, Matilda, Melody Day, Brave Girls, VROMANCE, SONAMOO, SNUPER, ASTRO, WANNA.B, and KNK.

Watch the performances below!

SEVENTEEN – “Very Nice”

GFRIEND – “Navillera”

GFRIEND – “Gone with the Wind”

NCT 127 – “Fire Truck”

MADTOWN – “Emptiness”

gugudan – “Wonderland”

Romeo – “Miro”

Matilda – “Summer Again”

Melody Day – “Color”

Brave Girls – “High Heels”


SONAMOO – “I Like U Too Much”

SNUPER – “You=Heaven”

SNUPER – “Carry”

ASTRO – “Breathless”

WANNA.B – “Why?”

KNK – “Back Again”

Congratulations to BEAST!

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