Tablo’s Family Has Caught The Pokémon Go Bug Too

Just when you thought you could escape Pokémon Go…

Recent posts to Haru’s official Instagram, which is manned by her mother and Tablo’s wife Kang Hye Jung, suggest that the Lee family has caught the Pokémon Go bug too!

In a video posted on July 13, Haru does the most adorable impression of Pikachu. Kang Hye Jung asks her daughter, “Haru, do you like Pikachu?” and Haru responds with a smile.

pikachu~ #필살기

A video posted by Haru Lee (@tabloisdad) on

In another post, Kang Hye Jung shares what looks like a screenshot from the Pokémon Go app taken at an Epik High concert with Pikachu conspicuously standing on stage with the rest of the Epik High members.

She captions the photo, “1+3 daebak!!!” along with hashtags “#PikachuGet #EpikachuGet #EpikHighSummerCon[cert]Go #LetsGoToEpikHighSummerCon[cert].”