Watch: GFRIEND Nails Their Choreography At 2x The Speed On “Weekly Idol”

Girl group GFRIEND lives up to their reputation as power idols on the latest episode of MBC Every1 program “Weekly Idol.”

Following their impressive execution of the choreography for “Rough” at double the speed this past February, “Weekly Idol” requested that the girl group do it again, but this time to three of their hit songs.

The girls did not disappoint as they danced to “Navillera,” “Me gustas tu,” and “Glass Bead” at twice the speed, impressing viewers with their stamina and mastery of the choreography.

They are almost a blur as they whiz through the moves, which are physically demanding even at normal speed.

Meanwhile, GFRIEND made a comeback with their first full studio album “LOL” on July 11 and are currently promoting title track “Navillera” on music shows.