Watch: SEVENTEEN And Wonder Girls Play The “Honesty Game”

A special “Hidden Stage” segment for a music program interviewed two groups that recently made a comeback.

First up was the Wonder Girls. The four members were asked to put on headphones while the other members talked honestly about them. The member wearing headphones would only find out what was being said through the broadcast.

Sunmi and Hyelim were chosen as the “victims,” but the other members praised their work ethic and shared their hopes for their future. However, this didn’t stop Hyelim from getting paranoid when it was her turn!

SEVENTEEN was the second group to be interviewed, and they chose four members to sit in the “hot seat.”

The8 was up first and nodded along like he could hear what everyone was saying (which fooled nobody). Some of the members took the opportunity to use informal language, though the message they delivered was sweet.

Maknae Dino and leader S.Coups were the last to be talked about. On S.Coups’ turn, one of their members expressed his concern that the leader might be stealing his moisturizer. All the members are shocked when S.Coups took off his headphones and asked, “What were you saying about lotion?”

Although technically S.Coups “cheated,” Seungkwan praised him (much to the other members’ annoyance), which came back to bite him later. After another game, Dino was chosen to receive a special punishment that he had to do on stage!

Watch the video with English subtitles below!