GFRIEND Shares Why They Cried Preparing For This Comeback

On July 13, GFRIEND made an appearance on the POWER FM radio show “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School.”

“Our choreography [for “Navillera] was fixed really late,” the girls shared. “At one point, we only had the choreography video left to film and then we would be done, but then someone called and said the recording was canceled. It meant that we would have to film again another time so we sat down and cried. It was past 5 a.m.”

SinB added, “The choreography was actually not finished before we started filming the music video. So they told us not to leave the set until the choreography was done. We were going to film the choreography last before the phone call.”

“We usually make one final effort for the last filming but when we heard we had to do it again, we were in despair,” Umji said.

GFRIEND released their first full-length album “LOL” earlier this month.

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