Rapper BewhY Won’t Be Signing With Any Agency? BewhY’s Side Responds

On July 14, an exclusive report from Sports Chosun stated that rapper BewhY, currently one of the final three on “Show Me The Money 5,” would not be signing with any of the numerous agencies that have approached him, instead remaining unsigned, as he had been prior to “Show Me the Money.”

However, in response to this report, a source from BewhY’s side said in phone call with Ilgan Sports that BewhY has yet to decide whether he will sign, or which agency he will be signing with.

The source said, “As [“Show Me the Money”] has gone on, we’ve gotten a lot of calls from a lot of places, and we’re so thankful for that,” and reiterated that no decision has been made about what the rapper will do after “Show Me the Money” ends.

“He could remain on his own, or he could sign with an agency, as he’s getting a lot of great offers,” said the source. “BewhY is currently focusing on preparations for the finale of ‘Show Me the Money,’ and will make a decision once his activities with the show end.”

Rappers C-Jamm and Superbee have also made it to the “Show Me the Money” finals with BewhY, which will be broadcast live on July 15.

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