Bobby’s Father Reveals Heartbreaking Immigration Story

On an upcoming episode of tvN’s “My Father and Me,” iKON’s Bobby enjoys some quality time with his father in Hawaii. During their talk, Bobby’s father reveals to his son some of the economic hardships that came with their immigration experience. Bobby describes the story as one that is heartbreaking for him to hear.

My Father and Me Bobby 2

Bobby and his father travel to a popular beach spot, where the two share their experiences with each other. His father reminisces on what it was like to immigrate to the States with Bobby at a young age. He describes how work and financial issues were tough, and how he dreamed of being a painter in his youth. His father says that sacrificing his dream was not hard because he loved his family. After being able to return to Korea thanks to Bobby, he reveals that he started painting again with his dream reforming once more. He even shows Bobby a self-portrait.

This episode of “My Father and Me” will air on July 14 at 11 p.m. KST. Actor Yoon Park and his father’s adventures in Switzerland will air on the following episodes.

What father-son moments on the show are your favorite so far?

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