Watch: MAMAMOO Shows Off Their Amazing Chemistry While Having Fun In The Car

During the July 14 episode of “Showtime,” the members of MAMAMOO have fun in the car by playing games and holding an impromptu jam session.

The members are talking about food when a random sound made by Hwasa, and echoed by Solar, jumpstarts an unexpected singing session. As Moonbyul calls out, “dance version,” and “trot version,” MAMAMOO continues to jam out while effortlessly harmonizing as well.

In order to pass the time, they also play a game where one member will sing either a syllable or two from a song, and the others will have to guess the title of the track.

While it may sound difficult, the members easily guess each and every song correctly, and once again show off their tight-knit chemistry.

Watch all the fun and games below!