The 6 Best Vloggers To Live Vicariously Through

Soompiers, remember when we told you that Viki partnered with DIA TV, the No. 1 place where you can meet trendy K-culture related short videos? We’re going to continue to celebrate the launch by highlighting their talented creators.

Last time we focused on their beauty YouTubers and this time we’re going to spotlight food, lifestyle, and life in Korea! Get ready to dive right into Korean culture, cuisine, and fashion with people who live fabulously and, to be honest, are completely #goals.

Check out our list and catch all of their videos on Viki right now.

Jina Kim started as a fashion blogger based in Korea but soon she branched out into Korean culture and travel. If you’re a fan of saving money by living vicariously through your favorite YouTubers, Jina is definitely someone to add to your watch-list.

Most popular video: Jina read an article about what foreign guys don’t understand about Korean women and it inspired her to make a video about it. She fully embraces all the Korean quirks that she never realized stood out to non-Koreans.

And of course, part 2 of the series features one of her non-Korean male friends (a fellow YouTuber on this list) discussing their misses in dating Korean women – in a great parody.

Joan Kim is a Korean American who moved to Seoul and decided to start making videos to document her life there. As an avid fan of Korean beauty, she often showcases her favorite products and takes on trendy YouTube vlogger challenges. If you love your vloggers with a side of beauty, Joan will check all of those boxes!

The best of beauty and travel: Korea is full of makeup shops – they are literally everywhere and are all equally full of wonderful products – and Joan took a full day to travel around and showcase her top five stores. The video also features fellow YouTuber Sunny!

Top money-saving video: an overview of the best budget-friendly souvenirs from Korea! Sometimes the worst part of a vacation is the last day, when you’re running around trying to get little gifts for everyone back home who couldn’t travel with you. Luckily, if you’re going to Korea soon, Joan has taken all the guesswork out of souvenirs for you – so sit back and relax!

Is cooking adorable treats your favorite past time? Lucky for you, it’s also SweetTheMI’s! Are you a fan of adorable Korean and Japanese characters? So is SweetTheMI! What does that mean? SweetTheMI is here to teach you how to cook probably the most adorable treats potentially ever.

Cutest Japanese classic inspired video: learn how to make Totoro-shaped cookies. Even if you don’t feel up to the (relatively simple) challenge of baking these treats firsthand, there’s something really soothing about watching SweetTheMI create adorable and edible art from thin air.

Most realistic creation: a delicious white roll cake! If tackling character-themed sweets isn’t a challenge you’re up to quite yet, you can try making a delicious (-looking) roll cake filled with delicious cream.

To continue the cooking trend, Honeykki is a channel to get your fix of sweet and savory treats. With stunning cinematography, just be prepared to get really, really hungry while you watch. I had to get a snack while reviewing her videos. A+, super effective.

Most popular dessert video: green tea tiramisu. Who doesn’t love green tea? Who doesn’t love tiramisu? Why not eat both at once.

Most unique savory dish: spicy chicken udon with pumpkin cream. At first I was surprised by the combination but watching the video, I hopped on board this ship. I will go down with this pumpkin cream x spicy chicken udon ship.

Cho’s Daily Cook is the food blog fun by a very passionate woman in Korea. Savory, sweet, and adorable – Cho’s Daily Cook runs the whole spectrum. She also includes cute Q&A videos so you get to know the women behind the deliciousness.

Most unique video: Kumamon cream cheese squid ink bread. Adorable? Check. Kind of weird? Check. Delicious? Most likely, extremely check. Sign me up!

For the BTS fans: ready to make some of Rap Monster’s fave character-shaped treats? Kakao Talk character Ryan is both super cute and super perfect for a mango chocolate pudding. Learn how to make his cute, little, pudding face in case you ever have the chance to cook for Rap Monster himself!

When these two YouTubers combine forces to create Bapmokja and Haeppy, you get a super fun take on life in Korea. The duo combines to try new food, take on YouTube challenges, and dish on living in Korea. Best of all, they take on topics like plastic surgery and teeth whitening! Informative, useful, but also fun.

Most creative video: Korean convenience store gourmet food challenge. Both guys are released into a Korean convenience store and tasked with creating a “gourmet” dish out of only ingredients you can find in the store. Mildly terrifying, mildly tantalizing.

Most crave-inducing video: their ultimate taste test of Korean snacks. Korea really loves their snacks (from honey crazes, to banana crazes, and more). Watching the duo test the snacks really just makes me want to drive to the nearest Korean mart and go crazy. Or ask our Korean office to ship over a huge box of goodies. For research purposes of course.

Who is your favorite Korean lifestyle or food vlogger? Give me some recommendations!

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