Watch: GFRIEND Teaches You Their “Navillera” Dance

GFRIEND is the latest artist to feature in 1theK’s “Let’s Dance” series. The girls play some games to determine which members will teach different dance moves from their latest title track “Navillera.”

First, they read challenges and predict whether members will be successful or not. The fun challenges include guessing the correct scale, blowing a balloon, winning a staring match, and more. This leads to Yerin and SinB teaching the “Don’t Let Me Down” dance.

The second game is the amazing beat challenge which involves the members dancing to a song while the beat speeds up and slows down. The members dance to “Me Gustas Tu” which leads to Sowon and Eunha being the last members standing. They then teach the “Disco” dance.

For the last challenge, the members gather into pairs and try to clap the loudest together with one hand each. Yuju and Umji end up winning and teaching the “Starting Point” dance.

Watch and learn their “Navillera” dance below! (English subtitles included!)