Ji Chang Wook Makes Ratings Promise For Upcoming Chinese Drama

Actor Ji Chang Wook has made fans a promise about what he’ll do if his new show does well in the ratings!

On July 14, Ji Chang Wook took part in a press conference in Beijing for his new Chinese drama, “Whirlwind Girl 2” (working title). During the press conference, he showed off his strength by lifting a female co-star up and down again several times, and also showed off his taekwondo skills.

ji chang wook

Ji Chang Wook also confessed his love for hot pot, and said that he loves to exercise. The host teased him that he sounded as though he as introducing himself at a blind date, and Ji Chang Wook replied, “It’s true, I’m working really hard on introducing myself right now. It’s similar to being on a blind date, because I’m really hoping that you all will like me.”

When asked who his ideal type is, Ji Chang Wook replied, “Someone who can always love me, no matter what I look like at the time.”

Ji Chang Wook’s co-star, actor and singer Chen Xiang, announced that he’ll release a new album if the show reaches 2 percent in the ratings and stage a concert if it surpasses 3 percent. Ji Chang Wook added to this, “If we get over 3 percent in the ratings, I’ll sing a song at Chen Xiang’s concert.”

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“Whirlwind Girl 2” will be premiering in China on July 20.

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