“Infinite Challenge” Members’ Reactions To Haunted Houses Are Absolutely Priceless

On the recent episode of “Infinite Challenge,” the members had a horror special titled “The Ghost’s Wailing.”

In the show, the members are instructed to create their own “house of horror” using the location they have been given and succeed in making other members scream at least three times. The members will not receive punishment as long as they go to the location and come back with the polaroid of their face without screaming three times.

First up is Yoo Jae Suk, and he has to visit the course that Kwanghee and Park Myungsoo made. He says that he’s not up for this since he gets scared really easily. Anyhow, he arrives at the location and starts looking for his photo.

Unfortunately, Yoo Jae Suk ends up screaming when he has to enter the bathroom and a hand pops out from the ground. He screams again when he opens a door to a room and a ghost is sitting with its jaw ripped off. Lastly, he screams for the third time when another ghost pops out from the front lawn and runs away.

Infinite Challenge

When it’s Haha’s turn, Haha decides to hold his breath and cover his mouth to prevent himself from screaming. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work and he ends up screaming when the ghost in the front lawn jumps out at him.

However, when he has to enter the bathroom, he grabs the thing he needs very quickly so that the hand from the ground misses its time to pop up and grab his leg. So he succeeds in not screaming.

Lastly, when he sees the ghost with its jaw ripped, he holds his breath and does not scream.

Infinite Challenge2

When Yoo Jae Suk gets picked to go to the course that Haha made, he ends up failing big-time when a monster-like creature appears and starts coming toward him. He then sprints down the mountain and screams for the entire time.

Infinite Challenge3

Jung Joon Ha also fails in completing the mission. When he arrives at Yoo Jae Suk’s scary course, he takes the longest to come out of the house due to screaming too much. His reactions when the ghosts pop out are absolutely priceless. He is also picked to go visit Haha’s scary house, and just like everyone thought, he comes running down the mountain without even completing the mission.

Infinite Challenge4

Watch the members’ reaction videos below!

Yoo Jae Suk:


Joon Ha:

Catch up to the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge” here:

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