TWICE’s Dahyun Makes Kim Min Suk’s Heart Pound On “Flower Crew”

On the recent episode of “Flower Crew” on July 16, TWICE’s Nayeon and Dahyun came as guests and had a great time with Kim Min Suk.

When they’re having dinner, Dahyun makes a wrap for Kim Min Suk and he asks, “Is this for me? Really?” and Dahyun adds, “It’s really big.”

Flower Crew 2

Kim Min Suk assures her, “Oppa has a big mouth,” and Dahyun feeds Kim Min Suk herself.

Flower Crew 3

Watching the two, Seo Jang Hoon pokes fun at them, saying, “Min Suk is like a soldier still so his heart must be pounding.”

However, when TWICE had been introduced in the beginning of the show, Kim Min Suk asked, “Is Jungyeon not here?” making the two members flustered.

Flower Crew 4

Ahn Jung Hwan added, “When we were showering yesterday, Kim Min Suk said that he liked TWICE’s Jungyeon.”

Flower Crew 5

Watch Kim Min Suk and Dahyun’s interaction here:

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