“A” Responds To News Of Countersuit From Lee Jin Wook, Says It’s An Insult

In response to today’s news about Lee Jin Wook’s countersuit, the legal reps of “A,” the woman who filed a complaint of sexual assault against Lee Jin Wook on July 14, sent out a press release.

The statement says, “[‘A’] and Lee Jin Wook met for the first time that day. They’re not dating, and they weren’t meeting with interest, either. The crime was committed the day that they met. This can be confirmed with their phone records.”

“We hope that [‘A’] and [Lee Jin Wook] will take a lie detector test. [Lee Jin Wook] is actually talking about suing for false accusations. If he’s confident, we welcome all the lawsuits he wishes to file. Rather than showing an ounce of remorse, he’s insulting the victim with talk of false accusations.”

“All we want is a sincere apology from the defendant. Right now the victim and the assailant are being switched. We won’t stand by for a second attack.”

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