Kim Young Chul Regrets Making Ratings Promise To Leave “Ask Us Anything”

Comedian Kim Young Chul backpedals on a promise he made on “Ask Us Anything.”

Back in December 2015, Kim Young Chul had agreed to Super Junior member Kim Hee Chul’s suggestion that he leave the program if its viewership ratings hit 3 percent.

kim young chul

Now that the JTBC variety show has raked in 3.7 percent ratings for its July 16 episode, rising from the 3 percent of the previous episode, he confesses, “I regret saying ‘okay’ without thinking it through.”

The cast members tease him, “You’ll be the first celebrity to quit [a variety show] without a controversy.”

Kim Young Chul does his famous Lee Young Ja impression and recounts, “Kim Hee Chul was talking about me quitting and I just said ‘okay.’ I regret that.”

After jokingly quitting for five minutes, Kim Young Chul suggests that he simply return to the school-themed show as a transfer student.

Kim Hee Chul then hilariously suggests, “If ratings reach 5 percent, you should quit all your television programs.”

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