FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Talks About His Recent “Some” With A Non-Celebrity

FTISLAND’s frontman Lee Hong Ki talks openly about his recent “some” with a non-celebrity in an interview on July 15.

During the interview, which took place at a cafe in Gangnam, Lee Hong Ki shares, “Just a while ago, there was a girl I wanted to meet, and we were able to maintain a close relationship.”

Lee Hong Ki calls the relationship a “some,” a Korean slang word for an ambiguous relationship where two people are more than friends but not dating. The singer also reveals that the girl was a non-celebrity.

“But we weren’t able to naturally continue our meetings,” Lee Hong Ki says. “I recently fell in love with bowling, and we weren’t able to stay in touch often.”

“Having gotten really into something, I couldn’t contact her frequently, and she was upset,” he continues, remarking that dating seems a lot harder than one would think.

Meanwhile, Lee Hong Ki made a comeback with his band FTISLAND on July 18 with title track “Take Me Now.”

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