FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki Wants To Focus On Music Over Acting Right Now

During a recent interview to promote FTISLAND’s sixth full-length album, “Where’s the Truth,” Lee Hong Ki discussed his thoughts about acting again.

Lee Hong Ki says, “I want to focus on music right now. I started writing songs since last year and I wouldn’t step out of the production room because I was so into it. It feels like the scale is tipped toward music right now.”

He continues, “That’s why I chose to do a musical over just plain acting. At the end of August, I’m performing in the musical that is inspired by singer Kim Kwang Suk. The schedule for the musical overlaps with the promotion of this album but I’m going to give it my best despite the difficult schedule.”

The other members remain confident in Lee Hong Ki, too, saying, “He’s always been able to do it, so we trust him.”

Choi Jong Hun adds, “The other members are going to start acting, too. One member already finished filming a web-drama. I don’t know about other members but I want to appear on variety shows.”

Meanwhile, FTISLAND came back with their album “Where’s the Truth” on July 18 and will start their promotions.

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