“Inkigayo” PD Shares Which Idol Groups Have Caught His Eye

In the past few years, the Korean music industry has been flooded with an influx of new idol groups. Recently the producing director (PD) of the music program “Inkigayo,” Jang Suk Jin, shared his two cents on the issue.

One of the things that continues to surprise him is the idols’ skill. “I’ve been producing ‘Inkigayo’ for six years now. Recently the talent and choreography has improved to a shocking extent.”

When asked to pick a few groups that have caught his eye, he cautiously named Oh My Girl and ASTRO.

“Oh My Girl are rookies but they don’t have that tension,” he said. “They have a natural atmosphere on stage and on camera. So it’s fun to shoot with them.”

He continued, “All the members of ASTRO work really hard. When it comes to their choreography, their energy is overflowing.”

The PD was especially impressed with the immense fan following that SEVENTEEN and BTS command. “I had no idea that their fandom was like this. When I heard their cheers during the recording, I was shocked. Both of them have definitely risen to the ranks of trending groups.”

Jang Suk Jin concluded with an apology towards the various artists that have appeared on his program. “I’m regretful that we can’t give opportunities to everyone,” he said. “Inkigayo” has the shortest running time of all the music programs on the three public broadcasting stations. “We can’t help but focus on the leading groups, but we are always aware of everyone’s talent and hard work.”

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