Wonder Girls Shares What Concept They Wanted To Try (But Weren’t Allowed)

On July 18, Wonder Girls held a Naver V app broadcast for their appearance on the SBS LoveFM program “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show.”

The girl group recently made a comeback with the title track “Why So Lonely,” a band song with reggae infusions. However, the girls shared that they initially wanted to try a hip-hop concept.

“We pitched the idea to our agency, but Park Jin Young told us firmly that hip-hop was only for cool people,” they said jokingly.

Wonder Girls is a veteran girl group, having been around for almost ten years, but they shared that they haven’t made many friends outside the agency.

“There weren’t many opportunities for people to approach us,” they explained. Yubin added, “We have friends at our agency, but in terms of age I’m almost right after Park Jin Young. It’s been a while since our debut.”

Would you want to see Wonder Girls try a hip-hop concept?

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