BEAST Talk About Their Past Glory Days And Dreams For The Future

In honor of their recent comeback, BEAST sat down for an interview with Star Daily News to talk about their career.

“Our goal for this comeback was to make this time a ‘highlight’ in our career,” Yang Yoseob said. “We want to aim for our glory days. I want to have fun promoting and be able to look back on this as a happy time.”

He continued, “Our glory days were probably back in 2011. We won the Grand Prize at the Gayo Festival and we were able to interact a lot with our fans. Like that time, we want to enjoy our performances and think only of our fans. I’d like to promote like that again.”

Son Dongwoon said, “Rather than aiming for our glory days, I want to be able to promote for as long as possible. Rather than becoming viral once, I want to become a group that steadily receives love.”

When asked about BEAST’s longevity in the industry, Yoon Doojoon commented, “When we go to the broadcasting station and look at the cue sheet, there aren’t many singers who have been around longer than we have. And we’re all approaching thirty. Time really goes by fast.”

He added, “We’ve all become a little more relaxed though. The genres of music that we’re able to do has expanded and our confidence has grown too.”

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