A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji Urges Fans And Reporters At Airport To Make Way For Elderly Woman

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji is being commended for her recent display of good character during an incident at the airport.

On July 18, a video was uploaded on YouTube revealing the singer’s act of consideration for an elderly woman at the Gimpo International Airport on July 16.

In the video, A Pink arrives at the airport on their way to the “A Pink 2nd Live Tour 2016 – Pink Summer” in Japan.

The Gimpo International Airport is bustling with fans seeing them off and reporters covering their departure to their tour, causing a slight commotion around Jung Eun Ji and the other members.

In order to get a better view and take clearer shots of the girl group, fans and reporters alike flock around them. In the middle of the commotion, Jung Eun Ji greets the reporters courteously and then raises her voice to say, “Please let the grandmother pass.”

The fanfare around A Pink had made it hard for a senior attempting to walk through the crowd. Seeing this, Jung Eun Ji urges the people blocking the elderly woman’s path to allow her to pass.

After a fan-taken video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube, the singer has been receiving praise for her display of good character.

Watch the short clip of Jung Eun Ji’s kind gesture below!

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