Simon D Responds To Rumors That AOMG Has Sent BewhY A “Love Call”

Rapper Simon D has dismissed rumors that a “love call,” or offer, has been sent to rapper BewhY from his label AOMG.

On July 19, Simon D attended a joint interview in Seoul for the winners of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5,” where he addresses speculations that AOMG has scouted BewhY.

The rapper clarifies, “I knew that we would be busy with each of our lives and not see each other often after the program ended, but BewhY is a very charming person so I did want to work with him afterwards. I thought that we could meet often after the show if we were in the same agency.”

He continues, “However, we have never directly sent BewhY a ‘love call.'” He shares that he was surprised to see articles stating BewhY “has boarded the AOMG train,” and quips, “According to the article, an industry source said it. I’m now looking for that source.”

Finally, Simon-D says, “I felt relieved when I saw an article saying BewhY has yet to choose a path to take,” and expresses his hopefulness.

Meanwhile, rapper BewhY recently finished as champion of “Show Me the Money 5” with his producers Simon D and Gray from AOMG.

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