SISTAR’s Soyou Explains The Funny Thing Her Members Say She Does While Drunk

On July 19’s episode of “1 vs. 100,” SISTAR’s Soyou appeared on the show as a guest.

During the show, MC Jo Woo Jong says to Soyou, “I heard you massage your face for about 20 minutes before you sleep even when you’re drunk. Is this true?”

Soyou explains, “I don’t remember it well since I was drunk, but the members told me they saw me doing it. I would massage my eyes and then put toner on, but my way of doing so would be quite rough.”

She adds, “I would hit my face while looking at a wall instead of a mirror. I don’t think it’s a drunk habit of mine, though. I think I was just trying to do a good job of cleaning up before going to bed.”

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