Ra Mi Ran Reveals How She Feels Being An Actress, Singer, And Mother

Actress Ra Mi Ran has confessed that the job that fits her the most is being a mom.

On July 19, Ra Mi Ran attended the “2nd Scene Stealer Festival.”

During the event, MC Yang Sang Guk asks Ra Mi Ran, “You’re promoting as ‘Unnies’ these days. Out of being a singer and an actress, which one fits you the most?” Currently in the variety show “Unnies’ Slam Dunk (also known as “Sister’s Slam Dunk“), Ra Mi Ran, along with her fellow cast members, are training to become a girl group.

She answers, “I think my main job as a mother is fitting for me. Pretending to be a singer isn’t an easy thing to do. My knee hurts. I’m going to have to retire right after I debut,” and makes others laugh.

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