MAMAMOO Moonbyul’s Strict Diet Tips Include Being Antisocial?

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul and Solar held a surprise live stream on Naver V App on July 19.

During the broadcast, Moonbyul and Solar gives their two cents to viewers who submit various questions.

One viewer asks, “What method of dieting is effective?”

“I want to know too,” Solar says. “I need to go on a diet because I gained a lot of weight recently, but it’s been hard.”

Moonbyul responds, “I’ve lost 10 kilograms. There is a method. It’s to not leave the house. You cannot meet friends because they will ask, ‘Want to go to the cafe? Want to watch a movie?’ I stayed at home and put myself on a restricted diet.”

“What if you [lose all your friends]?” Solar asks, to which Moonbyul replies with aegyo, “Well I have you, Yong Sun (Solar’s birth name). You’re going to play with me.”

Moonbyul also goes into the particulars of her diet regiment, “I made sure to ate sweet potato with all three meals as part of my diet.”

“In the morning, I had two sweet potatoes and once cup of milk. For lunch, I had diet cereal, a sweet potato, and an egg. For dinner, I would eat two sweet potatos or so,” Moonbyul shares.

“I also practiced dancing. Even though it was the summer, I would wear clothes [that would make me hot] and practice dancing,” Moonbyul says.

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