BEAST’s Dongwoon Buys Ice Cream For Fans He Runs Into At Convenience Store

Several posts about about BEAST member Son Dongwoon’s sweet gesture to fans has been attracting attention as it circulates online.

According to the fans who witnessed the incident, Dongwoon ran into fans while making a trip to the convenience store.

One fan writes, “While on the way to eat, Dongwoon oppa’s car passed by, and I was like ‘Uh….!!” as [Dongwoon] got out of the car.”

“I asked him, ‘Oppa, where are you going ?’ and he said he’s going to the convenience store and told me to choose an ice cream. Dongwoon oppa bought me a Melona from the convenience store.”

BEAST Son Dongwoon Fan Post

Another fan writes, “I was eating at a convenience store when a super tinted car arrived, and from there Dongwoon oppa appeared. And he bought ice cream for fans <3. Swiping his card for about 13 thousand won (approximately $11 USD). Dongni is love <3." BEAST Son Dongwoon2

BEAST Son Dongwoon

Needless to say, Dongwoon knows a thing or two about fan service!

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