“Bring It On, Ghost” Explain How They Tackled Taecyeon And Kim So Hyun’s Kiss Scenes

On July 19, the production staff of tvN’s new drama “Bring It On Ghost” sat down for an interview with TVReport.

Lead actors Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun have been garnering praise for their onscreen chemistry. The first episode has recorded a 5.2 percent viewership rating, according to Nielsen Korea. Taecyeon plays the exorcist Bong Pal while Kim So Hyun plays the ghost Hyun Ji.

Kim So Hyun Taecyeon

“Taecyeon and Kim So Hyun have gotten completely into character,” the production staff said. “They are showing us exactly the acting that suits them. Their real-life chemistry is also amazing. On set, they never lose their energy.”

The production staff also talked about the surprise kiss scene between the two. Although romantic developments are expected for any drama, “Bring It On, Ghost” had gained attention due to Kim So Hyun’s age (she is still a minor).

“Hyun Ji is technically a high school female student, but it’s been five years since she died,” the production staff explained. “She is actually older than Bong Pal by a year. But we didn’t want the audience to feel uncomfortable so we filmed and edited the scene carefully.”

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