Model Ban Seo Jin Responds To Rumors That She Sued Lee Jin Wook

With all the talk regarding the sexual assault case of Lee Jin Wook, rumors have been going around on social media that model Ban Seo Jin is the woman in the case. Ban Seo Jin is a known model who hosts “Miracle Beauty” on Naver TV Cast and runs an online shopping mall.

In an interview with media on July 20, Ban Seo Jin expressed her frustrations about the false rumors: “I don’t even know Lee Jin Wook. We’ve never met. I don’t know where these rumors came from. This is absurd.” She said, “My name keeps coming up in related search results [with Lee Jin Wook], which is becoming a huge deterrence. Wherever I go, the looks people give me are embarrassing and shameful.”

On July 21, the model also took to her Instagram to vent, saying that she has been the target of various rumors aside from this one, is losing sleep, and doesn’t know what she needs to do.

Ban Seo Jin has requested investigation into the one who started the rumor.

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