Update: 9MUSES A Shares Behind-The-Scenes Cuts From Sub-Unit Debut MV “Lip 2 Lip”

Updated August 3 KST:

9MUSES A has revealed two more behind-the-scenes shots of members Hyemi and Keumjo from their “Lip 2 Lip” music video!

9MUSES Hyemi 9MUSES KeumjoUpdated August 3 KST:

9MUSES A has now shared two behind the scenes shots of members Kyungri and Sojin from their music video “Lip 2 Lip.”

9muses 1 mv 9muses 2 mv

Update August 2 KST:

Check out 9MUSES A’s teaser video for their music video here!

Update July 30 KST: 

Listen to 9MUSES A’s audio teaser for their upcoming release below!

Update July 29 KST: 

9MUSES A has now released teaser images for “center” Kyungri and leader Hyemi.

9muses a 3 9muses a 2 9muses a 1

Update July 28 KST:

9MUSES A has shared teaser images for main vocalist Keumjo and rapper Sojin!

9muses a 3 9muses a 2 9muses a 1

Update July 27 KST:

9MUSES A has uploaded some short videos of each of their members, which they describe as “prologue images.” Check them out below!

Update July 27 KST:

9MUSES A is giving us another glimpse at their concept for their upcoming debut with group images!

9muses 2 9muses 1

Update July 26 KST:

9MUSES A has now released a track list for their upcoming debut as a new sub-unit with their mini album! Check it out below.

9muses a


9MUSES has released some new details about the debut of its new sub-unit, 9MUSES A!

On July 22, the group shared a teaser image to their official social media accounts that features the sub-unit’s four members basking in the sun with their eyes closed. This is our second glimpse at 9MUSES A after their trailer was released on July 21.

The caption to the image reveals that the four members in the sub-unit are Kyungri, Hyemi, Sojin, and Keumjo.

In addition, the title for their debut release has also been revealed. They will be making their debut with “Lip 2 Lip,” which will be released on August 4 at noon KST.

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