INFINITE’s L Talks About Overcoming The 7-Year Jinx

On July 22, INFINITE’s L took part in a photo shoot interview by @star1 magazine. During the interview, L shares about his honest emotions in regards to the seven-year jinx that many idols face.


In regards to the question, “Nowadays idol groups are experiencing a lot of things like break ups or members leaving after seven years. What about INFINITE?” L says, “The members have talked a lot about this topic. We want to let everyone know that INFINITE is alive and well.”

“Not only do we converse a lot with each other, we also share worries, concerns, and happiness together,” explains L, showing the group’s tight friendship.


With INFINITE’s full comeback ahead, L says, “Since there was a long hiatus, it feels very exciting. We are planning to do promotions actively after our concert.”

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