UNIQ Reportedly Preparing For Comeback

Five-member Chinese-Korean group UNIQ is set to make their comeback.

On July 23, a source revealed that the group is planning on making a comeback in Korea this November. The group last promoted “EOEO” in April of 2015 making it over a year since their last release.

The source stated, “Specific details and the concept have not been confirmed yet. Currently, the members are working on individual activities and we will adjust schedules soon.”

UNIQ debuted in 2014 with their single album “Falling in Love” and has two Korean members and three Chinese members.

Most of the members have been busy with activities in China. Sungjoo is acting in a Chinese drama while Yibo has been cast for a movie.

Seungyoun recently appeared as a contestant on “Show Me the Money 5” and will be releasing a collab track with rapper Flowsik soon.

Are you excited for UNIQ’s comeback?

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