Daebak Becomes A Shy Fanboy In Front Of Carrie From His Favorite Show

Daebak becomes starstruck and speechless in front of his idol!

On July 23, the staff of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman” reveal photos of Daebak getting to meet Carrie noona from “TV Kindergarten,” a recent favorite show of his.

Upon seeing the beautiful Carrie, Daebak’s mouth drops open and he becomes unable to speak.


He showers his Carrie noona with love and attention, while Lee Dong Gook cannot help but laugh at the adorable sight of his son observing Carrie’s every move and smiling sheepishly at her.

Daebak continues gazing fondly at Carrie, unable to take his eyes off her even while they snap photos to commemorate the moment.

Daebak’s meeting with his celebrity crush airs on the July 24 episode of “The Return of Superman.”

Meanwhile, catch the latest episode below!

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